Commissioning Consultancy and Management

At IPT Design LLC our Commissioning Consultants provide an independent service to our clients to deliver projects with known performance characteristics in a controlled and managed manner.

Our team of experienced Commissioning Consultants can provide the single solution for commissioning overview, planning, management, validation and ongoing verification of building services systems, ensuring that they operate within design tolerances, therefore avoiding costly downtime and occupier complaints. Ultimately we believe our approach to Commissioning Consultancy Services will continue to be used as an industry benchmark for the future.

IPT Design LLC’s Commissioning Consultants can also provide Project Management services including:

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Industry Experience

IPT Design LLC consultants have a number of years of experience in this field having completed Commissioning related projects in the UK previously. With climate change and the greater emphasis placed on green building technology in most of today's projects, the role of Commissioning has become an even greater asset. IPT Design LLC experience means we can help your organization develop its Commissioning framework and provide the necessary guidance to meet guideline standard. Typically, in setting up a successful Commissioning framework, an organization can achieve operational savings over the first five years of occupancy as a direct result of investment in commissioning. This is an excellent return on investment in any business model.

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Services we provide

Our Commissioning experts will bring their experiences to the building construction process ensuring a fully considered approach to the building, procurement and services installations, we offer the following services:

Added Value

Our early involvement with a seamless interface between the design and commissioning teams is a key to a successful and timely delivery of any project. Verification / validation and commissioning input at an early stage and throughout the project development ensure high quality system performance and reduces the risk of programme and cost overrun. Our approach gives an independent and unbiased overview of the whole design and construction process.

Our experienced commissioning managers monitor critical milestone dates throughout the installation period and advise the project and construction team of the potential impact on the commissioning programme and ultimately the project completion. Monitoring the commissioning process in this way improves productivity at the installation stage and promotes early contingency, rather than relying on the commissioning period as a buffer. We aim to promote industry awareness that the commissioning period cannot be reduced or accelerated without compromising quality.

IPT Design LLC Commissioning

Project Team integration

Our experience has shown that a direct appointment by the client or the project manager enables us to provide maximum benefits to the design and construction process. Early involvement in the conceptual stage of the project ensures the commissioning process is fully considered from day one

Our experienced commissioning managers will provide a single point of contact for the commissioning process, co-ordinating and managing the system specialists. We will liaise with the design team; main contractors and sub-contractors to ensure the buildings are fully commissioned and achieve the original design intent. Our hands on approach to chairing and attending project meetings ensure a fully integrated approach to the project.

Commissioning  Clients - Below is a selection of Clients our Commissioning Consultants have worked with.

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