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We provide Clients with a first class pro-active professional service.

Our partners' and staff's expertise ensures high levels of competence, whilst our project teams provide extensive experience in all aspects of building services.

We are a partnership orientated practice, with a team based approach; developing innovative engineering solutions which satisfy our Clients' requirements, whilst recognising the importance of sustainable design, energy efficiency and life cycle costs.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to facilitate your requirements and ensure the expectation of your working environment is achieved.

We recognise the importance of sustainable design and encourage the design of building services to current best practice.

Along with our design skills, our Project Management team can provide a turn key solution to our Clients giving great benefits and added value. Our lines of communication are excellent, being able to respond instantly when necessary, accommodating the most demanding of Clients.

We are a dedicated organisation who can manage all aspects of your project, from setting up on site, to the programming of essential works, ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget, covering all disciplines including supervision, planning, Health & Safety and the management of the testing and commissioning process.

Our early appreciation of the Client's needs is essential, combined with a sound outstanding of the nature and range of activities to be carried out within the building




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