Energy audits are defined as “the systemic inspection and analysis of energy use and energy consumption of a system or organisation with the objective of identifying energy flows and the potential for energy efficiency improvements” in accordance with BS EN 16247-1:2011.

Energy audits in buildings can:

IPT Design LLC offers following advantages when it comes to energy audits:

Energy Audits

Building Benchmarking

Recent studies in the US suggest that maximum premiums for green building development range from

Sustainable features become a primary aspect of commercial space advertising.

Building Performance

So how do we actually check your building's performance?

We compare the building’s received bills with established benchmarks for good and typical practice buildings.

Metering Strategy



Unit Charges


Electricity used

32896 A

42506 A

First 500 at 20¢


Next 9110 at 12¢


Total for this period


So how do we assess your building's metering strategy?

We evaluate the metering strategy and the quality of data available for breakdown of energy consumption by use. We identify weak spots in the metering and propose temporary or permanent meter installation to shed light into unidentified consumption patterns or irrational consumption patterns.

Design Criteria

BMS/Control Survey

Lighting Design & Control

Typically, 60-80% of energy consumption is controlled by BMS

Low energy lighting design has double benefits - less lighting energy consumption and less cooling demand

Plant & Validation

How efficient is your building?

IPT Design LCC can provide a whole range of energy relating services for your building. An annual energy review can help to create a better working environment, improve property values, lower operating costs, reduce carbon footprint and longer life cycles.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Why do an Audit

Energy surveys can:

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