Based on our experience and competencies, we apply our professional services across a wide range of technology disciplines within the Sport and Leisure, Commercial Office and Residential environments.

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Dependent upon the nature of the project, we recognise that your design will incorporate a number of systems from a combination of technology disciplines; each of which will vary in scale.

The scope of our professional services and technical abilities allow us to embrace the most complex and demanding of projects. This is achieved across a diverse range of market and product sectors whilst striving for the highest level of systems integration and interface based on our Client's needs.

Overview of IP Sub-Systems

Fundamentals - Infrastructure Foundation

Active Network Infrastructure

Whether you have a simple small scale project or large scale complex project it is important that your performance expectations are met in order to protect and maintain the reliability and quality of the voice, data, audio and video services being distributed.

From small residential systems to large commercial systems, Manufacturers across all technology disciplines will continue to drive the IP connected revolution. This will result in many non-IP based devices/systems becoming network based in the near future. This places more emphasis and reliance on your network being appropriately designed, installed and configured to accommodate a truly integrated infrastructure, irrespective of the scale.

At IPT Design LLC, we have the knowledge and experience to develop a digital systems integration model that will take into account your short, medium and longer term needs, ensuring value for money and enabling ease of additions at a later stage.

Key Considerations:

There are a number of fundamental items relating to active network hardware that must be addressed and incorporated with the design criteria. We would be happy to discuss these with you and would welcome your call for an informal discussion.


Structured cabling, fibre optic infrastructure and intelligent management

Space to house all technical equipment, terminate incoming services and distribute to the site

Routes and containment for all technology services

Networking equipment to support WAN requirements

Mobile phone communications – internal PICO cell system and external micro and macro facilities

Security cameras

Access control for general access and back of house

People counting and back up ingress counting system

Wireless infrastructure provision – public and private Wi-Fi

Intruder detection

Radio and site wide communication over

Ticket issuing systems

Telecommunication services, traditional PABX to IP telephony

Emergency services radio communication

Site wide digital advertising screens including the management system

Video distribution using traditional coaxial cable or IPTV

Outside broadcasting provision; permanent cable provision, routes for temporary cables, gantry presentation, TV and radio studios, press and commentary facilities

Satellite transmission and reception facilities

Electronic point of sale

Customer relationship manager (CRM)

Audio and video fit out of executive boxes, hospitality suites and conferencing

Intelligent building management service for power, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Giant screens

Technology Services

Our Technology Services

Design & Implementation

The design and implementation of our services are firmly grounded in the understanding that the technology must fit the Client's need and environment. For each of the projects undertaken we select the right skills and strategy in progressing the project towards a successful and timely completion.

Tailored Professional Services

Irrespective of the scale of your project, we offer a range of professional services which can be tailored according to your needs. We work with End Clients, Client Representatives, Developers, Architects, Interior Designers and Building Contractors in designing and integrating all of your technology requirements.

Practical Knowledge & Experience

We offer solid practical knowledge which has evolved from many years of experience. We believe this adds great value to our services and indeed is key in identifying potential design/installation risks and making the necessary plans to avoid them.

Concept through to Completion

We take a practical hands-on approach to your project and working from the ground up, look at the very important basics and foundation of the infrastructure design through to the complex inter-connectivity of end systems and services.

Having a solid infrastructure foundation is key to the success of the project in implementing and interfacing all of the technology requirements together in one seamlessly gelled solution both physically and logically.

Technical Planning

Understanding the project environment

We can offer several types of technical project management services depending upon the nature of your requirements. This ensures we apply the right skills in combining your commercial, operational and technical objectives with a sound, disciplined and successful technical project management.

Project Definition

Our services cover the full life cycle of the project from concept through to planning, technical execution, completion and review.

Project Planning

We provide clear and regular reports in highlighting progress, issues, change and performance. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail in trying to ensure that unnecessary delays and issues are avoided.

Technical Execution

We have the technical management skills and experience to co-ordinate the specialist Contractors who deploy the complex array of system technologies in-line with the design specifications that have been clearly defined.

Project Review and Closeout

Our single point of service provides for a seamless, well managed completion to the project, meeting your requirements and expectations. We adopt a structured methodical approach to all work undertaken which ensures objectives are met on time and within budget.


Detailed Design and Specification

Working closely with our Clients, we establish, develop and document the technology requirements in determining a suitable design solution. This process culminates in a set of coordinated design drawings and specifications.

Flexible Design Approach

Adopting a strategic, standards based design approach; we carefully select products in creating a scalable, robust, and fully integrated solution.

Return on Investment & Investment Protection

We exercise due care and attention in recommending the best product choice and value for money and recognising the importance of your investment protection. We ensure that our designs are future-proofed and scalable.

Technology Future Proofing

This is achieved through meticulous planning, product evaluation and paying attention to detail in order to accommodate current and future technology trends. By driving innovation, research and development, we push the boundaries of accepted best practice to develop improved solutions for the benefit of our clients. We forge partnerships with best of breed suppliers, institutions and industry specialists to enable us to create truly exceptional solutions.


Clear Definition of Client Requirements

We understand that our Clients will have varying levels of knowledge within the field of technology. During the initial phase of the project, we work closely with our Clients to define and understand their requirements, while ensuring awareness is made of what products are currently available on the market today, the benefits and costs involved.

Market & Product Awareness

Our market research program is an ongoing initiative that keeps us well informed as to the latest industry and product developments. This awareness builds strength into our design and consultancy service in being able to offer the most appropriate cost effective solution in meeting with your budget and expectations.

Independent and Impartial Advice

It is important that the Client is made aware of suitable products and options available on the market in order for a well informed decision to be made which will be based on a number of elements e.g. equipment functionality, quality, cost & scalability to name a few. We provide independent, impartial advice and guidance across a wide range of Vendor products and technology disciplines in developing an integrated and cost effective solution - one that is right for you today, and in the future.

Professional Technology Services

Service Rationale

There are many areas and design aspects to consider when developing a premises from a technology perspective. To cater for the overall electronic and intelligent architecture within the facility, ensure future-proofing and meet with the Client's short, medium and long term requirements, it is essential that the design is thought out and defined very carefully. This should be carried out during the initial phase of the project, ensuring that the design principles are integrated into the main program of works and the procurement path of all constituent technology packages in a timely and concise manner. Failure to do this would lead to constraints, issues and unnecessary costs at a later stage.

Our objectives are to provide a valued design, consultancy and technical project management service to ensure difficulties are avoided and expectations are met on-time and within budget.

We work with a number of preferred and approved manufacturers, suppliers and systems integrators. Our professional services ensure that you receive impartial advice across a broad range of products, high standards of Engineering practices are maintained throughout the project, the progress is in-line with the installation program and that the design is cost effective and right for you today as well as in the future.

Why IPT Design LLC?

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Our comprehensive and proven range of skills and competencies, places IPT Design LLC in a strong position to act on your behalf as your technology focal point. This is key in dealing with the complex challenges often arising from having a diverse multi-vendor design environment and the integration and interface requirements typically called for in an 'electronically intelligent' modern development.

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